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Wadee Al Safi

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Wadee Al Safi the historical visit to latakia.. 

“He embodied the nation through his art.”

A Lebanese singer and composer whose strong and clear voice propelled him to fame throughout the Arab world

Mr. Safi, helped spread colloquial Lebanese Arabic outside his country, becoming known to many Arabs as “the man with the golden voice.” Over seven decades he worked with well-known Arab composers and singers like Mohammed Abdul-Wahhab, Farid al-Atrash and Fairouz.

Historical visit to latakia city the one and only Wadee Al Safi

Mouin Shreif

A voice made in Heaven

You heard the voice of Dean Martin and Jacques Brel and your heart delighted. But there is a particular voice from Lebanon you should listen to. A voice out of this world… a voice made in heaven, but with flare and it comes from the heart of Mouin Shreif, a world-class singer with a mesmerizing nostalgic beauty, and unmatched vocal brilliance.

Mouin Shreif is Caruso singing in Arabic, but with a stronger voice and the capability of hitting the highest musical note, and gracefully scaling it down to deep exotic voice.

Melhem Zein

Al Rayess'
Out of appreciation for his great talent, his great voice and for his great performance of the song Endak Bahriya, the fans gave Melhem Zein the title of 'Al Rayess', thus turning him into a star. Melhem Zein has held concerts in his career in all continents, countries and world capitals, including the United States, South American countries, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Abidjan... The majority of Arab countries in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and the Gulf in all its countries.

The Story Behind

The work was inspired by the movement of civilizations to the movement of the planets. It was an expressive, spectacular musical work that was based on a diverse international music between modern art and popular memory, and to illustrated poetry, audio paintings and choreography interacting with paintings in a dramatic directorial combination that combines the art of contemporary audio-visual expressions to enjoy the art of modern expressions and visual expressions and ideas. 

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Wadee Al Safi

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